The Foundation’s mission is to provide positive educational and recreational opportunities to youth, particularly those who are disadvantaged. Central to that mission are four educational objectives: 1) to encourage and motivate children to read 2) to help children develop the foundational skills they need to become good readers 3) to distribute books to children and encourage them to start home libraries and 4) to provide reading instruction for parents in family literacy programs.

Over the years, the foundation collected four truckloads of books, uniforms, school supplies, toiletries and clothes for families devastated by Hurricane Katrina and other families in need. The Foundation also hosts a holiday event that provides books, toys, food and fun for at least 200 youth. Most recently, the Foundation formed a partnership with a Detroit hospital to create “wee Readers,” which provides newborns with their first book.

These efforts do not include Webber’s outreach efforts, which include serving on the Advisory Council for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, exhibiting his collection of African American artifacts and documents or his numerous appearances through NBA Cares.