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By: Kevin Cottrell Jr. @SportsVentz

Just a Thought…FINAL THOUGHT: It’s the end of the year, a time for sharing, caring, giving and reflecting. When you look back on the past 12 months have you made progress? Have you obtained your year long goals and most of all have you learned from your trials and triumphs? As we approach the end of the NFL year there are teams that need a win (plus help) to reach their postseason goals. There will be plays in the game to change momentum, moments where fans will think its just not our year, but in sports and in life it’s what you plan to do that effects the year ending outcome. So go ahead look back on the year, reflect on your ups and downs and determine what you’ve learned. And remember, in sports and in life drawing up a great play may help one win a game but its the planning and preparation throughout the year that’s helps one obtain their bigger goals. Here’s to a successful 2012 and an even better 2013!



(9-6) Bears @ Lions (4-11): Win and they might be in, that’s the situation the Chicago Bears are facing. Da Bears started out 7-1 and now they need help to make the postseason. Unfortunately the Lions aren’t quite in a giving mood as they’ll invite their division rivals into their home for a season finale. This game will have its moments of edgy play and scrims after the whistle. Megatron is eyeing the 2,000 yards mark and he’ll have a tough time getting it since he typically struggles against the Bears D. Playing with a sense of urgency I look for the Bears to create turnovers and get going on offense. The Lions will play tough but they have the April draft in their mind. Prediction: BEARS by 7

(11-4) Packers @ Vikings (9-6): This is an interesting match up with playoff implications. The Packers are in position to clinch the #2 seed in the NFC with a win, while the Vikings can clinch a wild card spot with the victory. Last season the Packers coasted into the postseason with a 15-1 record then lost their first playoff game, so if you think they’re going to coast through week 17 you’re in for a surprise! Green Bay’s offense is clicking at the right time coming off a 55-point performance. As for the Vikes they’ve been a one man show all season. On Sunday Adrian Peterson will need 208 rushing yards to break Eric Dickerson’s single season record. Although he rushed for 210 yards the last time these two teams met it will be tough for him to have a repeat performance. Look for the Packers to score early and quick forcing the Vikings to lean on Christian Ponder. The men in Purple were successful in Houston but I can’t see a scenario where they cool this hot Packers O. Vikings had a great run but I foresee AP falling short of the record and the playoffs. Prediction: PACKERS by 4

(12-3) Texans @ Colts (10-5): Both the Texans and Colts have clinched a playoff spot. Houston was once in position to hold home field advantage throughout the playoffs but after losing last weekend they left the door open for the Broncos. As for the Colts a win may help them avoid a possible match up with the Patriots. But first things first the Texans have stumbled in the past few weeks so getting back to their winning ways is something Coach Kubiak will want to do prior to the postseason. As for the Colts, Andrew Luck may be able to solidify his Rookie of the Year award with a win over their division rivals. Look for the Texans to establish the run early and often in an attempt to wear down the Colts defense. If Indy can’t create some turnovers this game may turn into a shoot out. The Colts will play inspired football with the return of Coach Pagano but they may not be enough to stop this high powered attack. This will be an interesting game since both have clinched a postseason spot but the Texans don’t want to lose their bye week. Prediction: TEXANS by 3

(10-5) Ravens @ Bengals (9-6): Both teams are in the playoffs, both teams have played once this season and both will keep things Vanilla because of the possibility of the two facing off next weekend. Here’s what’s at stake, a Bengals win puts them in position to possibly jump the Colts for the number 5 spot avoiding the Patriots and instead facing the Ravens next weekend. The Ravens will have a playoff game at home regardless of what happens on Sunday but they can’t possibly want to face their division foes twice in as many weeks. Look for the Ravens to do what they can to take away A.J. Green’s big plays downfield and force someone else to beat them. Cincy will be a confident bunch coming off the Steelers win and the 10 win mark will be something to help build on the teams morale. This will still be a low scoring slugfest but look for the big brothers of the division to come out with the W. Prediction: RAVENS by 3

(4-11) Eagles @ Giants (8-7): This is the pride bowl. The defending champs still have a slim chance to make the postseason while Eagles QB Mike Vick will have a chance to debut for a new team. These two NFC East foes are not friendly neighbors so this will be a knockout-drag out type of game. Look for Vick to look a tad rusty having sat out the past few weeks with concussion and hurt feelings type symptoms. The G-Men know their chances of reaching the postseason are close to non-existent but as the Champs finishing at 8-8 is not how they imagined things. Philly will meet the challenge but ultimately they need the best possible position in next year’s draft. You don’t have to worry about tuning in both teams know their fate. Prediction: GIANTS by 5



(8-7) Cowboys @ Redskins (9-6): This Sunday Night will feature the first playoff game of the season. It’s simple win and you’re in as the NFC East Champions. The Cowboys-Redskins rivalry is one of the oldest in the NFL. The ‘Boys may have the shinier helmets but the ‘Skins are the one that’s stood out of late. RGIII and company will look to get their 10th win and shocking the NFL world by winning the division. The Skins will line up and run the all early and often to control the clock and make Romo a spectator. Look for Dallas to stack the box and force RGIII to make plays in the pocket. Cowboys secondary has played well of late and they’ll need to do the same this Sunday if they want to win. Romo and Dez Bryant will have to make big plays if they want to win this match up but something tells me that they will struggle on the road. In the end both teams know one another inside and out so nothing should come as a surprise but look for the ‘Skins to execute better than Dallas. This game will be very entertaining and on a QB driven league the better signal caller will prevail. My money is on the rookie. Prediction: REDSKINS 24 COWBOYS 20


Quick Picks!

JETS over Bills

FALCONS over Bucs

SAINTS over Panthers

STEELERS over Browns

TITANS over Jaguars

49ERS over Cardinals

BRONCOS over Chiefs

CHARGERS over Raiders

PATRIOTS over Dolphins

SEAHAWKS over Rams


NFL Predicted Final Standings


1. Falcons

2. Packers

3. 49ers

4. Redskins

5. Seahawks

6. Bears



1. Texans

2. Broncos

3. Patriots

4. Ravens

5. Colts

6. Bengals


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